10 Ways To Damage Your Personal Injury Case After Being Hit By A Vehicle

Posted On: December 8th, 2016

1. Allow driver to leave the scene of the automobile crash and don’t call the police.

WRONG. Very bad idea. In any crash the police should always be called and an accident report completed. Even if you think you’re ok now, you may not be, and having the crash documented is crucial. Additionally, the police officer will investigate what happened, take statements from available witnesses and preserve evidence.

2. Ignore the terrible pain and do not seek medical treatment.

WRONG. Brushing yourself off and chalking it up to a bad day is dangerous. In a car vs. pedestrian crash the car always wins. Always seek medical attention after a crash.

3.  After the crash give a complete recorded statement to the insurance company for the driver who hit you.

NO. NO. NO. Insurance Companies are looking to save money even if their insured is at fault and will try and find a way to blame you for this crash so they don’t have to pay full compensation for your injuries. Ignore the numerous phone calls from the insurance adjuster or better yet get his or her name, phone number and the claim number and tell that person you will have your personal injury lawyer call them.

4. Ignore the Doctor’s recommendation that you follow up with another Doctor, Specialist, Physical Therapist or Chiropractor.

BAD IDEA. Bottom line: doctors know best. If they tell you to follow up with another doctor, do it. One of the worst decisions you can make is to not follow through with prescribed treatment. If the injury doesn’t improve, your failure to take care of your injuries may prove to be your own fault for failing to follow the doctor’s orders.

5. Don’t take any pictures of your injuries.

WHAT?! While we certainly understand that after a crash you don’t look and feel your best, in a year or two from now, when the case finally goes to court, those pictures will be important. So take a few pictures and give them to your lawyer if you never want to look at them again.

6. Get out running or biking as soon as you can even if it causes you pain.

NOPE. But we get it. We are a law firm with avid runners and bikers which means we too enjoy the pleasures of pain. After any injury anyone of us has ever had we always wanted to get back out on the road sooner than we should have. Sometimes it worked out, and other times we set ourselves back on recovery.  But after being hit by a car, getting back out too soon can spell disaster for your recovery. So take your time, heal up and get back out there when your body is truly ready.

7. Go on Facebook and call the driver of the car a bad name.

YIKES. Why do people do this? In many instances the rants are emotionally charged, full of spelling and grammatical errors and a poor reflection of who you are. Insurance companies love this kind of ammunition. So don’t do it.

8. Pretend that the injuries are way more serious than they really are.

DUH. No one likes these kind of people. Thinking that if they pretend like they are really hurt they will make lots of money in a lawsuit. WRONG. Every injured person not only has a duty to try to get better as fast as they possibly can, but they must be HONEST. P.S. There is not a single jury who can’t tell the difference between someone who is really hurt and someone who is faking. PPS. If you’re faking an injury, don’t call the lawyers at LaMarche Safranko Law.

9. Take too much pain medication and then drive a vehicle.

WHOA. BAD IDEA. Even if it’s prescribed medication and you think you feel ok, taking a narcotic and operating a motor vehicle, even to drive to a medical appointment, is illegal and puts you and other motorists at risk for injury. If you are stopped by the police and an officer thinks you are impaired, you will be charged with a crime. If you are taking narcotic prescription medication, get a ride to your appointments and do not drive a motor vehicle.

10. Try and settle your case yourself and don’t call a lawyer.

If you needed stitches in your face, would you grab a needle and thread, look in the mirror and go to work to stitch yourself? UMM NO. Why would you do that?  You’re not a doctor, and should never pretend to be one. When you need a doctor, you don’t go to the internet and YouTube how to fix yourself; you go and see an expert. Don’t try to fix this yourself. The same principles apply in the law. You should call a good personal injury lawyer to help you through this complicated process.

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