Capital Region Bike-Sharing Program Announces Locations

Posted On: June 22nd, 2017

The CDPHP Cycle! bike-sharing program, a joint initiative of the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) and the Capital District Physician’s Health Plan (CDPHP), continues full steam ahead since we blogged about it earlier this year. Last week, CDTA and CDPHP announced the locations of 38 bike-share stations across the capital region.

The CDPHP Cycle! program allows riders to rent bikes for a specific time and return them to any one of the designated stations. The stations were selected after an open comment period during which the public could recommend locations, and more than 200 suggestions were submitted. These suggestions, along with other factors including population and feasibility, resulted in the final selection. Of the 38 stations, 20 will be in Albany, seven each in Schenectady and Troy, and four in Saratoga. The program includes 160 bikes, supplied by Brooklyn-based firm Social Bicycles, that will be allocated among the sites over the next month or so. The list of all 38 locations can be found here. Additional stations and bikes are expected to be added next year.

number of bicycles lined up for bike share

Photo by: Mike Mozart

To be a part of the program participants need to download an app and register. The app will show the user stations in their area and bikes available. The bikes themselves will have GPS tracking systems to prevent theft and will also be able to determine the distance traveled, calories burned, money saved on gas, and total reduction of CO₂ emissions per ride.

The program is expected to officially launch this summer. Bookmark the site at for updates.

When CDPHP Cycle! does launch please keep in mind the expected increase in cyclists on the roadways. LaMarche Safranko Law is dedicated to ensuring the safety of cyclists throughout the capital region. If you are injured in a bicycle accident, contact us today for a free consultation at (518) 463-7784 or online to ensure your rights are protected.

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