Safety of Cycling Over Driving

Posted On: July 7th, 2016
Safety of Cycling
Selling Biking: A New Study on the “Swing Voters” of the Street, PeopleForBikes 3

Choosing a bicycle over your car is good for your body and the environment! Though people in large cities like New York, San Francisco, or Portland enjoy protected bike lanes, some US cities are not as bike-friendly. In a study by the Green Lane Project, 3/4 of participants said they were either “very concerned” or “extremely concerned” about the safety of cycling in their cities. Selling Biking: A New Study on the “Swing Voters” of the Street, PeopleForBikes 3.

In places where protected bike lanes exist, cyclists enjoy reserved lanes or sidewalks, often separated by a physical barrier. These barriers range in cost, longevity, appearance, and protection level, however studies show that they make cyclists more comfortable riding a bike.

For some examples of protected barriers, check out this infographic: 14 Ways to Make Bike Lanes Better, PeopleForBikes.

When protected bike lanes are installed in New York City, pedestrian and bicycle accidents typically drop by 40 percent and by more than 50 percent in some locations. In New York alone, thousands of cyclists are side-swiped every year resulting in fractured bones and other serious injuries. Barriers and other protective measures will help promote bicycle safety and reduce personal injury.

Luckily for residents of Upstate New York, the City of Albany is working to make similar changes to protect bicyclists in the area. In partnership with the Capital District Transportation Committee, Albany has initiated a Bicycle Master Plan to identify a network of bicycle routes which will improve cycling as a viable mode of transportation throughout the City. The routes will be a sure enhancement to bicycle safety and a welcomed benefit to the environment.

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