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George LaMarche Speaks to SENS Fitness Podcast

Albany Personal Injury Attorney George LaMarche Speaks Biker & Pedestrian Safety on Local Podcast Attorney George LaMarche recently sat down with the SENS Fitness podcast to discuss the rights of runners and cyclists who’ve been hit by vehicles while training, their legal recourse, tips to make sure they’re getting the most possible coverage, and things […]

Bicyclists Reporting Bad Drivers—Is There an App for That?

  Albany Bicycle Injury Lawyer Offers Tips for Dealing with Aggressive Drivers You’re enjoying a bike ride on a warm spring day until, without warning, a motorist puts you in danger in the way they all-too-frequently do: disregarding your existence as they roar past you too closely, cut you off with a right or left turn, […]

Another Car-Pedestrian Crash Underscores Increasing Danger

Albany Pedestrian Injury Lawyer on Troy Car-Pedestrian Crash If you look closely at the details of a crash in early March in which a car struck and severely injured a teenage girl in Troy, several of them stand out. For one thing, the driver was speeding, and carried the girl at least 50 feet before […]

Winter Biking Safety Tips

Albany Bicycle Injury Lawyer Offers Winter Biking Safety Tips & Tricks “It’s 20 degrees out. There’s snow on the ground. Why hasn’t that person put his bike away for the winter?” Maybe you’ve said this to yourself as you watched someone pedal down the street on a chilly January day, or maybe you haven’t. Maybe […]

Bike Lanes & Traffic Calming: Albany’s Madison Avenue Project

Albany city officials have recently implemented on Madison Avenue bike lanes in both directions from Allen Street to Delaware and Lark Streets. The 10-block expanse opens a significant corridor connecting downtown and uptown locations to (hopefully) safer bicycle travel. Bicycling enthusiasts living in an urban area—especially those who commute a significant distance to work or […]

How Do Bicyclists Defend Against Distracted Driving?

As if we hadn’t had enough disturbing news about distracted driving and the upward trend in bicycle and pedestrian traffic fatalities, last month the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reported that fatal hit-and-run crashes have reached the highest point on record in 2016, having increased by 61 percent since 2009 (more than 7 percent every […]

Ticket The Messenger: Cracking Down On Texting While Driving

Driving while talking on a cellphone? The consensus is that this activity is distracting—and therefore potentially dangerous—although reasonable people can (and do) debate the degree of danger it poses, especially while the call is in progress and the driver’s eyes are focused on the road ahead. Texting while driving is even worse. There also is […]

State Police Crack-Down on Distracted Driving

Traffic fatalities have been on the rise over the past few years, especially deaths of pedestrians and bicyclists resulting from collisions with cars. While statistical reporting methods have not fully caught up to the changes in how we live, drive and communicate, many experts believe that distracted driving—specifically cellphone use while driving—has contributed significantly to […]

Leave the Driving to… Technology?

  In what is believed to be the first U.S. pedestrian death involving an autonomous vehicle on public roads, a woman in Tempe, Arizona, was struck and killed by a self-driving Uber vehicle on March 18. Apparently, she was walking her bicycle across the street, not in a crosswalk, and the Uber—which did have a […]

A ‘Crash’ Course in the Language of Automobile Safety

A car collides with another car, or with a pedestrian, bicycle, or streetlight. Is it an accident, or a crash? Some people don’t think it’s an important distinction to make. If you agree, and don’t think the word choice matters, consider this take on the history of how manufacturers learned to tilt the language of […]