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Bicycle Accident Claims in NY: Tips on How to Get Compensation for Damages

Any collision between a car and a bicycle is, first and foremost, a threat to the physical safety of the bike rider. After many years of decline, traffic fatalities of all kinds are on the rise – with increased smartphone use one likely culprit – and bicyclists are increasingly at risk. In 2016, 840 bicyclists […]

Biking While Intoxicated in New York

In 2006, the South Dakota State Legislature passed a law making it legal for people on bicycles (and horses!) to ride while under the influence of alcohol—because they wanted to discourage people from driving their cars home after drinking too much, and encourage “safer” options like riding their bikes or horses home. Some states do […]

Running in the Summer Heat: How to Stay Safe

Whether you are training for a race, or you like to run simply for the fitness and well-being, summer running raises two distinct safety concerns: how to keep your body from becoming overheated, dehydrated or exhausted on hot, humid days how to protect yourself from injury on roads shared by runners and motorists, particularly where […]

3 Foot Law Fails to Come to the Floor: What Next

If you’re a bicyclist, you’ve been there—hugging the shoulder of the road as tightly as you can without your tires going off the edge, while a car passes you too closely for comfort. With no specific road rules to persuade them otherwise, motorists do this all too often, whether out of negligence, indifference, or in […]

Celebrate July 4th Safely Outdoors

Next week we celebrate the Fourth of July, and with that brings street fairs, parades, and fireworks. As we enjoy all of these outdoor activities, let’s be mindful of how to stay safe as we’re walking, biking and traveling throughout public venues. Each year, about 20,000 people come out to celebrate the 4th at the […]

Capital Region Bike-Sharing Program Announces Locations

The CDPHP Cycle! bike-sharing program, a joint initiative of the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) and the Capital District Physician’s Health Plan (CDPHP), continues full steam ahead since we blogged about it earlier this year. Last week, CDTA and CDPHP announced the locations of 38 bike-share stations across the capital region. The CDPHP Cycle! program […]

Pedestrian Safety: Stay Alert Near the Ice Cream Truck

Do you remember being a child and hearing the tune of “It’s a Small World” outside your window? You knew instantly it was the ice cream man and you couldn’t wait to rush out the door to catch him. Whether you live in a residential area or on a busy street, chances are you will […]

Pedestrian-Motor Vehicle Accidents: What are Your Rights if You’ve Been Injured?

Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo announced a $15 million investment for improvements to Route 787 in Cohoes that will enhance safety while creating a pedestrian-friendly gateway to the city. This is an important step in helping make one of our busiest Capital Region roadways safer. And these improvements are desperately needed. On average, New Yorkers […]

Is Jaywalking Really a Crime?

You may be wondering: just exactly what is jaywalking? Merriam Webster defines it as follows: “to cross a street carelessly or in an illegal manner so as to be endangered by traffic.” Ok, so what constitutes “an illegal manner”? According to NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law, if there aren’t any crosswalks, signs or signals, the […]

Bike Accident: What to do After the Crash

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, many of us will be enjoying the outdoors on our bikes. We have promoted safety throughout May as part of National Bike Month, however, we know that accidents will happen, no matter how many precautions we take. And while there are many types of bike accidents, those involving […]