10 Ways To Damage Your Personal Injury Case After Being Hit By A Vehicle

1. Allow driver to leave the scene of the automobile crash and don’t call the police. WRONG. Very bad idea. In any crash the police should always be called and an accident report completed. Even if you think you’re ok now, you may not be, and having the crash documented is crucial. Additionally, the police […]

New York Rules of the Road for Bicyclists

Everyone who uses the roads in New York State – whether on four wheels, two wheels or two feet – would be safer understanding the rules for bicyclists. Bicyclists must ride on the right shoulder or edge of the roadway, or in a bike lane whenever there is one available. While bicyclists are allowed to […]

Q: If I am not in a bike lane and am injured, can I still seek damages?

A: By law, bicyclists should utilize bike lanes when they are safely available. However, even if you were not riding in a bike lane, if the motorist who struck you was negligent, you may still seek damages and have a viable claim. Different circumstances in each accident can affect the outcome in a personal injury claim. […]

Q: Are bicyclists allowed to wear headphones while riding?

A: Bicyclists are only allowed to use one earphone for audio devices, including telephones. It is important to be able to hear your surroundings while riding a bicycle. The same New York law prohibits the use of earphones or headphones in more than one ear by automobile drivers and motorcyclists on public highways. Violation of New York […]

Q: How do I make bicycle turn signals?

A: Bicycle turn signals are made with specific arm signals. The left turn is one of the most basic bike safety hand signals. Remove your left hand from the left handlebar grip and extend it out to your side until it’s parallel with the ground. Maintain control of the handlebars with your right hand. The National Highway Traffic Safety […]

Q: Do I need a bicycle light when riding at night?

A: New York bicyclists are required to have two lights from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise. The front bicycle light must emit white light and be visible from five hundred feet. A rear red light must be visible for three hundred feet. One bicycle light must also be visible from the […]

Q: I didn’t wear a helmet. Are my injuries my fault?

A: While helmet use can save lives, there is no law in New York State requiring persons over the age of 14 to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. Bicyclists and bicycle passengers under 14 must wear a helmet. If a bicyclist over 14 suffered a head injury after being hit by a car, […]

Q: Is it legal to ride a bike on the sidewalk?

A: It’s pretty much a given that cars shouldn’t be driven on sidewalks, but laws regarding bicycling on sidewalks are set by local jurisdictions in New York. This means it may be perfectly legal to ride a bike on the sidewalk in one city, but not in the next town. Some local jurisdictions don’t regulate sidewalk […]

Q: What side of the road should bicyclists use when riding on a roadway?

A: When possible, bicycles should be ridden on a bicycle lane. If a usable bicycle lane does not exist, bicycles should stay on the right side of the road near the near the curb, the edge of the roadway or a usable right-hand shoulder. Bicyclists should not interfere with the flow of traffic except when […]