Pedestrian-Motor Vehicle Accidents: What are Your Rights if You’ve Been Injured?

Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo announced a $15 million investment for improvements to Route 787 in Cohoes that will enhance safety while creating a pedestrian-friendly gateway to the city. This is an important step in helping make one of our busiest Capital Region roadways safer. And these improvements are desperately needed. On average, New Yorkers […]

Q: Can I be excluded from No-Fault coverage?

A: A person may be excluded if he is involved in an accident as a result of driving while intoxicated; intentionally causes the accident; drives an ATV or motorcycle; is injured while committing a felony; drives a stolen vehicle; or is the owner of an uninsured vehicle involved in the accident. In the 1970’s New […]

Q: How do I claim No-Fault benefits?

A: You should file your claim with the insurance company which covers the car in which you were an occupant (either as passenger or driver) or, if you were a pedestrian, with the car that struck you. If you do not know the vehicle that struck you or if the vehicle was uninsured, you may […]

Q: Can I claim “No-Fault” if I was hit by a motorcycle?

A: A pedestrian or bicyclist hit by a motorcycle can file a claim against the insurance company covering the motorcycle. Because the makers of New York’s No-Fault insurance law regard motorcycles as inherently dangerous, No-Fault does not apply to accidents involving motorcycles. Insurance companies often attempt to limit or deny claims from pedestrians or bicyclists injured by motorcycles. Because […]