Is Jaywalking Really a Crime?

You may be wondering: just exactly what is jaywalking? Merriam Webster defines it as follows: “to cross a street carelessly or in an illegal manner so as to be endangered by traffic.” Ok, so what constitutes “an illegal manner”? According to NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law, if there aren’t any crosswalks, signs or signals, the […]

Bike Accident: What to do After the Crash

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, many of us will be enjoying the outdoors on our bikes. We have promoted safety throughout May as part of National Bike Month, however, we know that accidents will happen, no matter how many precautions we take. And while there are many types of bike accidents, those involving […]

The 3-Foot Law: Why NYS Needs It

As we continue to celebrate May as National Bike Safety Month, and this week as Bike to Work Week, we encourage everyone to consider keeping the car at home and using two wheels to get into the office. And we encourage motorists to remember to share the road, not only because it keeps everyone safer, […]

Use Your Head: Bike Helmet Safety

National Bike Month is being celebrated throughout May so it’s the perfect time to talk about a fundamental element of riding safety: wearing a bike helmet. As more and more of us share the road, whether driving, riding a bike, walking or jogging, more potential exists for accidents and injuries. According to the National Highway […]

May is National Bike Month

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and it’s time to get outside and enjoy spring in upstate New York. For many of us, getting outside means hopping on a bike and exploring the many trails and bike paths in our area. And just in time – May is National Bike Month, […]

Driving The Speed Limit May Still Be Illegal

Recently the question was posed: While driving in my neighborhood, I struck a pedestrian who was walking. I was driving the speed limit. Can I still be responsible for her injuries? The answer is yes. Even if the driver of a vehicle is driving at or below the posted speed limit, that is not a […]

Why Runners, Bicyclists and Pedestrians are at a Greater Risk than Ever

Now more than ever drivers on the roads are doing more than just driving the car. Whether it’s focusing on the navigation, texting or checking email on their phone, making calls, checking their hair in the rearview mirror, eating fast food, or playing with the satellite radio, drivers distractions are making it more dangerous for […]

Plans for Bike Sharing Program in the Capital District Continue

The Capital District Transportation Authority (“CDTA”) has continued their plans for a bike sharing program in the Capital District. The service allows users to rent a bicycle for half hour or hour long increments. When the user is finished, the bike can be returned to any designated bike sharing hub in the city. These bicycles […]

Runners, Bikers, and Pedestrians: Watch out for Distracted Drivers!

We’ve all seen distracted or impaired drivers like this person, weaving in their driving lane or driving on the shoulder of the road. New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law § 1131. Driving on shoulders and slopes reads as follows: Except for bicycles and those classes of vehicles required to travel on shoulders …, no […]