Bike Sharing Plans Accelerate in Capital Region

After receiving approval from the state legislature, the Capital District Transportation Committee (“CDTA”) intends to accelerate their plans to implement a bike sharing program in the capital district. Bike sharing has become a popular alternative mode of transportation for many in metropolis areas. The service allows users to rent a bicycle for half hour or […]

LaMarche Safranko Law co-sponsors Waterford 5k

LaMarche Safranko Law was proud to co-sponsor and participate in the first ever Tugboat Chug 5k road race in Waterford, New York. Participants from all over the capital region joined together and raced at the convergence of the Mohawk and Hudson River and the gateway to the historic Erie Canal as part of the Tugboat roundup […]

Voorheesville Family Bicycling Day

LaMarche Safranko Law is passionate about promoting pedestrian and bicycle safety in our community, so it was no surprise that when we were presented with an opportunity to help support this cause we took it! It was our honor to sponsor the Voorheesville Family Bicycling Day. The entire community came together in order to teach […]

Don’t Text and Bike, Distracted Bicyclists Pose Risks

LaMarche Safranko Law has represented countless victims of distracted driving each year. Although 11 teens die every day as a result of texting and driving, the same dangers exist for distracted bicyclists as well.[1] Is Texting While Biking Legal? Many states are currently toying with legislation that would outlaw distracted biking, with nearly identical restrictions […]

Erie Canal Bike Tour: From Buffalo to Albany!

 On Sunday July 10, 2016, more than 650 cyclists gathered in Buffalo, New York, to participate in the 18th annual, weeklong, Cycle the Erie Canal Bike Tour. This year riders from 38 states and as far away as Australia, are cycling their way from Buffalo to Albany, New York. Stops along the way include cities […]

A Properly Fitted Bike Leads to a Safer Ride

Join Andy Safranko at Bike Barn Cycling & Fitness to learn how to be properly fitted for a bicycle. Remember, a properly fitted bike leads to a safer ride. At LaMarche Safranko Law, we have worked to organize the Road Sharing Alliance to bring together bicyclists, automobile drivers, walkers, runners, law enforcement agencies, children and […]

Fatal Pedestrian Accident while Crossing without a Crosswalk

“We have had accidents here in the past.  Pedestrian accidents.  But most of those were at night, people wearing dark clothing.  This is one of the first that’s in the daylight,” noted Lt. Ken Pero with the Colonie Police Department. After this tragic event on Central Avenue we would like to remind you of […]

Reducing Risks for Walkers, Bikers and Runners

More often than not, tragic accidents involving walkers, bikers and runners can be avoided by following the traffic signals and by taking proper precautions.  At LaMarche Safranko Law, we want you to be as safe as possible and are giving away reflective bracelets to help runners/joggers/walkers be seen.  Please provide us an e-mail and contact information […]