Biking While Intoxicated in New York

In 2006, the South Dakota State Legislature passed a law making it legal for people on bicycles (and horses!) to ride while under the influence of alcohol—because they wanted to discourage people from driving their cars home after drinking too much, and encourage “safer” options like riding their bikes or horses home. Some states do […]

Running in the Summer Heat: How to Stay Safe

Whether you are training for a race, or you like to run simply for the fitness and well-being, summer running raises two distinct safety concerns: how to keep your body from becoming overheated, dehydrated or exhausted on hot, humid days how to protect yourself from injury on roads shared by runners and motorists, particularly where […]

Q: How do I make bicycle turn signals?

A: Bicycle turn signals are made with specific arm signals. The left turn is one of the most basic bike safety hand signals. Remove your left hand from the left handlebar grip and extend it out to your side until it’s parallel with the ground. Maintain control of the handlebars with your right hand. The National Highway Traffic Safety […]