Runners, Bikers, and Pedestrians: Watch out for Distracted Drivers!

Posted On: January 10th, 2017

We’ve all seen distracted or impaired drivers like this person, weaving in their driving lane or driving on the shoulder of the road.

New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law § 1131. Driving on shoulders and slopes reads as follows:

Except for bicycles and those classes of vehicles required to travel on shoulders …, no motor vehicle shall be driven over, across, along, or within any shoulder ….

Personal injury attorney’s at LaMarche Safranko urge bicyclists and runners to be cautious when using the shoulders of the roadways.

Runners run against traffic and bicyclists ride with traffic. A motor vehicle that drives on the shoulder like the person in this video puts runners and bicyclists in danger.

For runners, one way to ensure that a motorist sees you is to always try to make eye contact with the driver of the car. If you don’t make eye contact, make yourself big by raising your hand. Of course run as far to the left as possible when running on the roadway.

For Bicyclists, having a mirror on your bicycle will allow you to see approaching vehicles so that you can be safe.

The roadways are meant to be shared with runners, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Attorneys at LaMarche Safranko Law are also runners and bicyclists who are out on the roadways.

We focus our practice on representing runners and bicyclists who have been injured because of careless drivers. If you have been injured because of a negligent driver contact us today to see if we can help you with your legal claim. (518) 463-7784


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